- Can the fluttering of a butterfly in Brazil cause a hurricane in Texas? Greetings, Collectors! Welcome to our secret hideout! This new space is prepared for those with the hobby of observing – as well as changing the futures of – the few living in the interlinksof multiple dimensions. Currently, finding every single target is made difficult due to the adjustments being made to the observing equipment, but not to worry! Soon all of our equipment will be ready, and we will be able to see the targets, and change their dimensions to our will.

- We do not wish to involve too many people in the observations. Interfering into other dimensions is a federal felony, and extra profits through observations are also illegal. So we ask you, please take good care of the dimensions provided to you. Not only are they valuable, but they are the only ones that exist in the world. Our company is currently collecting the phase coordinates for the unstable dimensions, and we are recording them on the dimensional pieces. Currently, only a few people are visible due to technical limits, but this will soon be taken care of. Soon many dimensions will be nested within one another, and the coordinates for the unstable dimensions, as well as 10,000 of the people that live there, will be made possible to observations, making it possible to change their past and future.


Rent “Dimensional pieces”, observe unstable dimensions, and collect the byproducts – dark matter. Observations will earn you certain rewards through lotteries.


Design your future in the direction of your desire by predicting the observation results. Predictions fix a part of the observation lottery results


This is the place observation byproducts are purified. Byproducts from observing unstable dimensions are prone to interacting which each other, and the more byproducts there are, the more there are that require normalization.

Interfering with other dimensions

Interfere into dimensions in secrecy and compare with each other. Any activities related to the arts can affect the unstable dimensions and pieces that receive the best critique will be formally recorded.



- We have prepared presents for collectors who are looking for new things!
These still unstable dimensional fragments will soon return to you dimensional collectors.

Dimensional expansion

- Just like when you were a child, open up an infinite world of imagination!!

- We want to hold a contest where we compete with stories about the universe. This will be an opportunity for us and you to take a big step forward. Express yourself however you like, in any format, and share it freely. Each of your stories will be recorded.

DAO select

- After the contest, we will vote who did the best! At this time, you will pick an episode that you think is the best story out of the infinite imaginary worlds!


- Now let's spread the imagination inherent in each of us in front of everyone.

- The best stories selected by you are NFTed at the fingertips of the best artists. Experience the joy of realizing what only existed in your imagination

Artist collaboration

- There are countless dimensions in the universe. We want to turn our gaze a little and see the artists around us. What are the contents of their own dimension? What were they dreaming of?

Dark Matter Token

- The dimensional fragments you have will gradually come from space carrying Dark Matter tokens! Tokens will be used in voting, having the opportunity to collect the works we collaborated with in the future.

Outer space exploration

- When all these steps are completed, we will attempt to enter deep space. We are thinking positively about revealing dimensions not only in novels but in other forms.

- We are looking forward to meeting you! We look forward to embarking on a fantastic dimensional journey together!


What is the Dimensional Piece

A chaotic world created by mixing elements from different dimensions

How to own a Dimensional Piece

On December 19th, NFT minting of the discovered pieces begins

How much does mint cost

Recently, the price of sol -the base currency of our nft- is fluctuating. So we will let you know exactly when Minting Day approaches.

Meaning of pool

A certain portion of the fee generated during nft transactions is collected and used as a fund for observing a new dimension.

What is dark matter

Observing dimensions creates a byproduct of dark matter. We distribute this byproduct to you.

Where dark matter is used

Dark matter can be used to participate in DAOs for dimensional observations